David R. Frazier

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Big Apple Taste With a Fresh Mountain Air

As a third generation journalist, David R. Frazier handled photo assignments through the early 1970s for many of the top news publishers in the United States.

His images appeared in TIME, NEWSWEEK, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, and the NEW YORK TIMES. Soon others were calling to acquire re-use of the images for textbooks, overseas magazines, and encyclopedias.

"It became obvious that I needed a filing system for images. It also became apparent there was a demand for images other than news shots," says the veteran photographer. Photolibrary was born.

The real turning point was the recession of 1980 when news assignments were scarce. Frazier began traveling the Northwest in search of photo topics which would be of interest to a wide spectrum of clients from text books to magazines. Those regional trips are now global and the library boasts a collection of several hundred thousand images.

Today David R. Frazier's images can be found in every school in America -- if not every classroom. In addition to the nearly 100 books he contributes to each year, Frazier provides photos to magazines and advertising clients.